My Story

My story began with my daughter’s sighting of what she described as a very large man-like being that crossed in front of us as we walked down a country road. My son and I had been facing the other direction but what she saw left her quite shocked. At that time, I had no idea that bigfoot really existed much less in the southeastern United States. As I researched the subject, I found that indeed there was a rich history in modern times and in Native American history that referenced the forest people as I’ve come to call them. I began my journey by shot-gunning my research in different areas, eventually finding the core area where I felt drawn. It is this area where I have come to know my forest people group and continue to learn more about them and myself. Much of my work is done at night, thus the pseudo name Midnight Walker. Over these last 5 years, the forest people have gifted me with a renewed passion of nature, healthy living and being in the forest. They have also taught me much about myself, while instilling patience and humble spirit in my soul. My personal belief is that the only way they could be so gifted and apart from us is because it has been predetermined by God.

OBJECTIVES: The main purpose for this site is to share some of my thoughts, audio and field research findings with others (mainly researchers) that can provide feedback. We pride ourselves on being one of the most active research sites with new findings posted on a regular basis.

All my material has been copyrighted and requires my permission to use it for any purpose.

First Southeastern Bigfoot Conference to be Held January 12th and 13th, 2013

Well, we finally have things coming together for what promises to be a very informative and entertaining conference.  The southeast deserves this conference and now you have it in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.  R Ranch provides a wonderful location right in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Looking forward to seeing you all.  Now here’s the list of Speakers thus far or check out the Event Schedule. or simply BUY TICKETS NOW! We will also be featuring the ARTWORK of Alexa Evans, who has focused much of her work in collaborating with eyewitnesses on their sightings.

R. Scott Nelson – Retired from the U.S. Navy as a Crypto-Linguist with over 30 years experience in Foreign Language and Linguistics. In 2010, published the Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet and Transcription Standard. Scott appeared on his local news
November 14, 2013

Ron Morehead – Adventurist, Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur Who Recorded the First Sasquatch Speech Known as the “Sierra Sounds.” Newly released book “Voices in the Wilderness” All can be found at the Bigfoot Sounds Online Store.

Christopher Noel – Yale Graduate and Author Who Has Documented Sasquatch Home Visitation Cases Nationwide in “Impossible Visits.” His forthcoming book is SASQUATCH RISING 2013. Listen below for excerpts from Chris’ recent November 12, 2012 radio interview

Leigh Culver – Remote/Expedition/Special Operations Medical expert, Professional Tracker (Enigma Research Group) whose research focus is on human/sasquatch interaction. Leigh also produced “Sasquatch Field Research Series: Tracking” DVD which is the how-to on tracking for those in research.

Arla Williams – Arla brings the unique parallels to light between these enigmatic people and the indigenous people of this continent as well as around the world. She also is an excellent representative to females in this field of interest and what truly should be expected when engaging or interacting with the sasquatch people, as opposed to myths and legends. .

Jim Vieira – Jim has presented at the prestigious TEDX Conference and was a recent guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory. Jim is a stonemason, writer, researcher and member of the Northeast Antiquities Research Association. He will be discussing Stonebuidlers, Moundbuilders the Giants of Ancient America and other ancient histories related to sasquatch (bigfoot). The video below is a brief cut of his appearance at the prestigious TEDx Conference (ALEX COMMENT: Video has been removed by TEDX after pressures from the scientific establishment…that says a lot about the cover up). You can listen to an interview we had with Jim on December 19th on Midnight Walkers Blogtalk Radio.

Alex Midnight Walker – Entrepreneur and Host of Blogtalk Radio’s Midnight Walkers show. Alex has years of experience in field research as well as interacting in close proximity to the sasquatch, while having captured hundreds of hours of audio intelligence on them. His audio library is quite extensive and includes vocalizations, knocks, growls, speech and other calls. This audio clip was captured in Georgia